Justine Vanderlugt was raised in a town outside Boston called Lexington. She moved to Savannah, Georgia with her husband and three children in 2005. She has been a designer for twenty years. Her earlier years were as a floral designer when she ran her own company in downtown Boston called Inside-Out Greenery.

When Justine moved to Savannah her passion for designing led her to the jewelry industry. Her first collection was called the Crystal Hope Line. This line is very dear to Justine’s heart and she donates a portion of the sales to the American Cancer Society.  

Since then she has come up with a number of other collections. She likes to think of her style as simple and elegant with a hint of glitter. Justine enjoys adding this “sparkle” throughout her pieces and only uses the finest Crystals from Swarovski to accomplish this effect.

One last important issue to Justine……recycling. Most of the gentle pearls and stones used in her designs are reused. The glass she uses comes from bottles that were thrown away in the sea. Her sterling silver clay pieces come from reprocessing of old film and her line of ponchos will incorporate soy based materials. Justine is always trying to find ways to incorporate this philosophy into her product line. She wishes that one day every company will make a conscious effort to do the same.